Wednesday, September 29, 2010

oh what?!?!? Roscoe is 6 weeks old!!!

Time for some catching up...

Roscoe 1 month pictures

* spits up A LOT!!!
* no longer fits into newborn clothes
* starting to get some rolls on his legs...
* sleeping through the night, yay!!!! (last night 10 pm to 7 am)
* likes to suck on his fingers
* loves his little lamb swing

Roscoe was blessed this past Sunday.
I haven't uploaded the pictures yet. I was so mad at myself for forgetting to
bring my camera to church but we did get some pictures of him
in his outfit at home.

Ashlee's pictures


Beth said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU!! For the great pictures!! What a cutie!

How lucky are you to have a 6 week old sleep through the night!

heather said...

i love the pictures ashlee took! he is so cute! i CAN`T believe he's already sleeping through the night!! that's amazing! wendy was 7 months old before i got a full night's sleep.